We fought the war and we lost, even though we won’t be selling online, we listened to our clients and thought it’s time to give our virtual home a spring clean, offer visitors a glimpse into our world. So let’s go window shopping-no virtual money required. We will endeavour to update this page more than once a year, bringing you updates on new lines, sales, gossip from the wall of taxidermy and the occasional bitch about Wellington weather.

If you do see anything you like while checking out the pics of the birds in store, flick us an email and we’ll get one of the chooks to reply as soon as…

WOW-Week of Women

The curtain has gone down on another WOW. Last year being the store’s introduction to the phenomenon now known as the WOW factor, it took us by surprise-a pleasant surprise, we didn’t know what hit us it was a retailers dream, so this year we were prepared and fully stocked ready for the onslaught of eager shoppers and you lovely ladies did not disappoint, why can’t WOW be every week.

Once again thank you…see you all back next year!

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